Thai Ridgeback

The Thai Ridgeback is a medium-sized dog breed that originated in Thailand and has been around for centuries. It is believed to be one of the oldest breeds of dog, having lived in Thailand for over 400 years. The breed was originally used as a hunting companion but has since become a popular household pet.

Physical Appearance:

Thai Ridgebacks are muscular dogs that typically stand between 20-24 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh anywhere from 35-75 pounds. They have short hair with varying colors including black, blue, red, fawn or yellow. Their most distinctive feature is their ridge on their back created by hair growing in an opposite direction along the spine – giving them their unique look.


Thai Ridgebacks are known to be independent dogs who can sometimes come off as aloof towards strangers. However, they are extremely loyal and protective towards their families making them excellent watchdogs and guard dogs alike. These highly intelligent canines also exhibit natural hunting instincts which may require additional training if kept within households containing smaller animals such as cats or birds. When properly trained & socialized during puppyhood; Thai ridgebacks tend to get along very well with children due to its friendly temperament.

Health Problems:

Like all dog breeds, there are health problems associated with this particular breed though they generally do not suffer many serious diseases.The most common ones include Hip dysplasia ,Elbow dysplasia ,Dermoid sinus & certain Cancers.They live approximately around average lifespan of twelve – fourteen years.
Owners need take care about routine vet check-up,dental cleanings,grooming sessions etcetera.


Thai Ridgebacks should receive plenty of daily exercise and mental stimulation to avoid destructive behaviours.Their natural inclination towards running makes long walks or runs an ideal form of exercise for these active pooches.Two hour-long walks or jogs per day will suffice as required amount of physical activity (as needed).

Special Grooming Needs:

Thai Ridgebacks are relatively low maintenance when it comes to grooming needs. Regular brushing & monthly bathing as needed should be sufficient for this breed.


A firm, consistent hand is essential when training a Thai Ridgeback. These canines do not respond well to harsh discipline or physical punishment and positive reinforcement techniques like treats / praise work best.Due their high levels of intelligence, they learn very quickly but if not trained well in puppyhood; may grow stubborn & dominant over time.

Compatibility with Children/Pets:

When properly socialized from puppyhood and raised with children/pets ,Thai Ridgebacks get along famously with kids.The key point here is ensuring the process starts at a young age since any dog requires early behavioral formation through socialization around people/animals.Best practices recommends raising puppies around household cats/birds or other pets to prevent future hostility between them.

Personality Quirks:

The strong personality traits that set Thai ridgeback apart include its independence, sense of protectiveness towards family members and hunting instinct.Given these dogs’ naturally dominant nature,it’s important for owners to establish themselves as pack leaders very early on inorder avoid aggressive behaviours in adulthood.These dogs enjoy sticking close by those who have earned their trust making them extremely loyal companions.Furthermore,a distinct characteristic among Thai Ridgebacks is that they possess an almost eerie level of intuition into what their humans are feeling due particularly heightened senses overall.

Famous Examples:
There no famous examples reported yet for Thai Rigeback Dog Breed.The main cause being rarity which makes difficult for gaining popularity outside South East Asian Countries.However,in recent past few movies have shown scenes featuring this breed,some pictures circulated on internet showcasing lovely bond shared between owners and Thai Ridgesbbacks etcetera.

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