Dog Breeds Beginning with ‘T’

Tenterfield Terrier

The Tenterfield Terrier: A Loyal and Affectionate Companion History: Originating from Tenterfield, a small town located in New South Wales, Australia; the Tenterfield Terrier was created by breeding English Toy Terriers with Australian Terriers in order to create a dog that could hunt rodents and snakes on farms while still being small enough to be …

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Telomian: A Wild and Independent Breed of Dog The Telomian breed is a lesser-known dog breed that originates from the remote rainforests of Malaysia. They were originally bred by indigenous tribes as hunting dogs and companions for the native people, but have since gained some popularity as a rare breed in other parts of the …

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Teddy Roosevelt Terrier

Teddy Roosevelt Terrier: The All-American Breed History The Teddy Roosevelt Terrier, also known as the American Rat Terrier, is a small breed of dog that originated in the United States. It was bred to hunt rats and other vermin on farms and ranches in rural areas. The breed was named after the 26th President of …

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The Taigan: A Loyal and Independent Hunting Dog History of the Breed: Originating from the Central Asian region, specifically in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Tajikistan, the Taigan breed is believed to have existed for hundreds of years. These dogs were commonly used by nomads for hunting small game such as rabbits, foxes, and wolves. The name …

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