Spanish Water Dog

The Spanish Water Dog: A Versatile and Loyal Breed


The Spanish Water Dog is believed to have originated from the Iberian Peninsula, with its first recorded mention dating back to the 12th century. The breed was originally used as a working dog in Spain for herding sheep, goats, and cattle. They were also used as water retrievers by fishermen because of their excellent swimming ability. Today, they are still widely popular in their homeland but have also made a name for themselves worldwide as an intelligent and versatile breed.

Physical Appearance:

The Spanish Water Dog has a unique coat that resembles tightly curled cords or dreadlocks which ranges from black, brown, beige or white coloring – some may have spots or patches on them. They grow up to between 38-50 cm (15-19 inches) tall at shoulder height with males weighing between 18-22 kg (40-49 lbs), while females weigh slightly less at around 14-18 kg (31-39 lbs). Their head is proportionate to their body size; almond-shaped eyes come in shades of brown or hazel; while its nose blends well with the color of its coat giving it an adorable look.


Spanish Water Dogs are known for being loyal companions who form strong bonds with their families quickly. This energetic breed thrives on attention so regular exercise like going on walks and playtime keeps them happy mentally and physically healthy! Despite being protective over those close to him/her spanish water dogs are friendly towards strangers if properly socialized at a young age . Due to this trait having early exposure around children can result into making it well-suited family pet that is both adaptable and trustworthy towards kids!. They respond well toward obedience training due to them willing-to-work temperament which makes training easier than most other breeds!

Health Problems:

Like all breeds certain health conditions need attention when it comes it comes down towards maintenance Spannish water dog are prone to developing hip dysplasia, thyroid issues and eye diseases. These can be easily managed by regularly vet check-ups and preventative measures such as feeding them a healthy diet!


Spanish Water Dogs require an adequate amount of exercise daily which means taking them on long walks or runs for atleast 30 minutes a day! Because they love swimming so much and their natural affinity to it should make any visit to the beach enjoyable experience not just good form exercise but also good for mental stimulation!

Special Grooming Needs:

Spanish Water Dogs have unique coats that require special grooming techniques involving trimming, brushing, stripping or clipping!. Regular bathings (roughly every two months) would help prevent matting and tangling. Owners may choose between whether ‘shaved’ like coats which tends towards resembling a labrador or keep its naturally curly coat groomed regularly.


Due to their natural willingness-to-work temperament training is easy compared most other breeds , However basic obedience like sit, stay is always recommended along with breed-specific activities around herding make them engaged in physical and mentally stimulating exercises will create intelligent dogs!

Compatibility with children/pets

Due to Spanish Water Dog’s loyal nature towards families this results into making it an excellent companion animal especially around kids; however socialization at young age needs ensures they do well introduced towards other pets living under same roof hold essential significance!!!

Personality quirks:

Some Spanish Water Dogs tend pick up habits such as chewing things due its playful demeanor without proper guidance so Training at early stage significantly increases enjoyment together long-term relationship leading independent canine friendship alongside positive reinforcement makes your furry friend obey commands.

Famous examples:

While few famous individuals owns spanish water dogs there no specific breed representative mainly because of the versatility from being adept hunting dogs too beloved family companions although exist many notable representation within media including television shows such as Game Of Thrones ‘Nymeria’ character came from litter imported by GoT producers to fit role requirements!

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