The Sloughi: A Regal and Athletic Breed

If you’re searching for an elegant and fast dog breed, look no further than the Sloughi. Originally from North Africa, particularly Morocco, this hound’s physical capabilities and keen senses were sought after by nomadic tribes who used them for hunting game such as antelope. The breed was originally recognized by the AKC in 2016.

Physical Appearance
Sloughis are tall dogs with muscular builds that can weigh between 35 to 65 pounds (16 to 29 kg) with a height ranging from about 24-30 inches (61-76 cm). They have short hair that is typically smooth and silky in texture with colors that range from cream, light sand color or red fawn to mahogany brindle with black markings. Their almond-shaped eyes are dark brown or hazel-colored giving off a curious expression which makes their heads unique compared to other sighthounds.

This breed has strong hunting instincts making it ideal for those looking into having an active partner who is very athletic yet gentle around their family members; they love being close to people they trust. Sloughis are usually quiet dogs but can be talkative when they want attention. They tend not to bark much unless provoked or feel threatened but possess excellent hearing skills so they make great watchdogs especially if living in rural environments where there might be wild animals roaming around.

Health Problems
Compared to some breeds, these dogs are relatively healthy without any major known inherited health problems except hip dysplasia that occurs occasionally like all large breeds of dogs.A well-bred puppy will come accompanied by its parents’ health certificates certifying them clear of genetic diseases which include hip dysplasia among others.Their life expectancy ranges from 10 -12 years old.

Exercise Needs
Owners must keep their Sloughis physically active due to their high energy level regardless whether they are puppies or adults. They require a moderate amount of exercise each day which should include at least an hour of free running space so they can stretch their legs and build up their stamina.

Sloughis have short hair that is relatively low-maintenance grooming-wise. Brushing them once in a while to keep dirt away is necessary but not too much lest you want to strip out the oil from their skin or ruin its natural texture by using the wrong tool for grooming. Regular bathing keeps them clean, shiny and helps prevent any possible fungal infections on their skin.

These dogs need experienced dog owners as they can be quite sensitive but tend to shut down if treated harshly which might lead towards negative behavior such as aggressiveness. Positive reinforcement is more likely to work with these gentle giants where treats, food rewards and plenty of praise go a long way toward encouraging good manners.The best training methods for Sloughis are obedience training starting at puppyhood followed by breed-specific training.

Compatibility with Children/Pets
The Sloughi breed gets along well with children and other pets when socialized early on in life; introducing your new pet gradually into a family environment would help avoid unnecessary tension amongst current household members.When taking your Sloughi outdoors make sure you either put it on leash around unfamiliar dogs especially if those breeds tend be reactive towards larger breeds than themselves because off-leash communication sometimes leads “friendly play” becoming dangerous quickly making handlers loose control over both sides,

Personality Quirks
Sloughis like routine so they take time getting used to changes hence consistency plays an important role in reducing anxiety.Although intelligent creatures,some slouhis show independent-mindedness during walks being very stubborn about picking what route best suits them depending how comfortable this makes them feel.While cautious around strangers initially when introduced slowly ,they develop trust soon afterwards.

Famous Examples:
Although not popularized by movies or TV shows,there are numerous known sloughi breeders and owners who have gained prominence in the dog breeding industry with their contributions such as Joseph and Patricia Messenger in America who have bred over 50 AKC champions .The couple were influential on breed clubs and other organizations throughout the USA.

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