Sealyham Terrier

The Sealyham Terrier: A Rare and Lovable Breed

Originally bred in the mid-19th century by Captain John Edwardes of Wales, the Sealyham Terrier is a relatively new breed. Edwardes set out to create a versatile hunting dog that could chase after small game, such as foxes and otters, while also possessing qualities suitable for guarding his estate. The breed quickly gained popularity among Welsh farmers who used them to control vermin on their land.

Sealyhams are compact and sturdy with short legs but a long body. They stand around 10 inches tall at the shoulder and typically weigh between 20-25 pounds. Their coat is dense, wiry and can be white or predominantly white with yellow or tan markings. They have round dark eyes that sparkle with personality under thick eyebrows.

This loyal terrier breed thrives on human companionship and loves being part of the family unit. They tend to be social creatures but can also have independent streaks if not properly trained from an early age. Though they may be wary of strangers initially, their friendliness generally wins over all visitors in time. These pups are loving towards children; however young kids might need monitoring as Sealyhams tend to play rough sometimes owing to their natural instinctual behavior traits.

Health Problems:
Like most terriers breeds, Sealyhams can be prone to allergies which may lead serious health problems if left untreated for prolonged period of times. Patellar luxation (slipping kneecap) is another common issue seen in these dogs caused by poor breeding practices so it’s important you purchase your puppy from reputable breeder.
A typical lifespan for this breed is 12-14 years when maintained well throughout its life span..

Moderate exercise requirements include daily walks along with an opportunity once a week to run freely inside fenced area helps maintain good health. They are most happy when they have plenty of space to run around and play.

Grooming Needs:
Sealyham terriers require frequent brushing (once a week) in addition to trimming every 3-4 months, with professional grooming every two-three months. Frequent trimming is necessary for the puppy so that its coat does not get matted or tangled over time.

Basic obedience training is imperative for Sealyhams as they are natural chasing dogs; early consistent training can prevent any issues later on with mischievous behavior patterns from setting in. The puppies need to be taught how to properly interact with other family members and pets inside home alongwith being housebroken.

These affectionate creatures love children of all ages but may behave rough-housing sometimes due their energetic nature, hence adult supervision may be required while playing together.
They tend to do well within families owning multiple pets including cats provided proper socialization lessons imparted during their development stages.
Socializing your pup right off the bat will help him grow up to become a better companion.

Personality Quirks:
One special trait seen often in Sealyham Terriers involves the fact that although intelligent dogs these breeds can also be quite stubborn! This quality requires early behavioral training so owners don’t miss out on experiencing companionship qualities since it’s a loyal breed once bonded with humans!
Also interestingly one of Seaylham’s quirks happens after eating – some start kicking at their food dish like bulls which adds extra entertainment value for homeowners!

Famous Examples:
Although not as common many popular breeds, this rare breed has had his fair share of moments under spotlight too; Famous writer Cecil Scott Forester owned two lovely Corgi-Sealyham mixed pups which he considered muses behind scenes both created thus these furry fellows served more purpose than just having them as mere pet animals.
A ‘Sealey’ named Brenda starred in the 1940s TV series “The Thin Man,” based on popular detective novel series showcasing extra natural talents these dogs possess at times.
To date, this terrier breed still retains its ‘special place’ in American Kennel Club rankings.

In summary, Sealyhams might not be well known outside of their fans circle but they possess qualities that make them a great choice for individuals or families wanting loyal yet lively companion dogs to share everyday life and have fun together.

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