The Pumi is a small breed of herding dog that originated in Hungary. It was first developed by crossing various types of Hungarian herding dogs, including the Puli and the German Spitz, to create a versatile working dog with excellent herding abilities.

Physical Appearance:
Pumis are small to medium-sized dogs, standing between 15-18 inches tall at the shoulder and weighing between 18-33 pounds. They have a curly or wavy coat that comes in shades of gray, black, white or fawn. The most distinctive feature of the Pumi is its ears which stand erect and slightly forward-facing.

Pumis are known for their active and energetic personalities. They are friendly, outgoing dogs who love people but may be reserved with strangers. As a breed bred for herding livestock they can display independent tendencies if not given proper training from an early age.Their instinctive hunting drive can also come out while playing which makes it important to train them properly.

Health Problems:
Overall the pumi is considered as healthy breed however some genetic diseases such as hip dysplasia could occur in individuals.Possible measures like Genetic testings on breeding stock should be carried out before breeding.These will go a long way towards ensuring good health outcomes for these hard-working dogs.

Pumis require moderate exercise on daily basis.In fact this breeds history involved lots moving over fields so regular exercise particularly outdoors playtime would help maintain mental well being along physical fitness.They also excel in agility activities because of their natural nimble nature.

Special Grooming Needs:
Even though they look shaggy due their woolly coats actually grooming requirements aren’t too high.Some brushing bi-weekly should suffice.Grooming clippers recommended ensure hairs don’t get matted especially around ears.Nail clipping regularly needed just check how fast your individual pumi’s nails grow normally.Most imporantly always check their ears to ensure they don’t have any infection or debris as ear canals are usually restricted due to curly nature of ear.

Pumis are intelligent breed and respond positively to positive reinforcement training methods used. Obedience training is important with pumi just like many other breeds.However overbearing response may lead them being too independent so a softer approach recommended.

Compatibility with children/pets:
Pumi is overall friendly dog however early socialisation process required when introducing it new family dynamics.They get along well with other pets in the household if raised together but need proper introduction for safety purposes. Younger kids should be supervised especially during playtime due their natural hunting instincts.If trained from an early age though, your Pumi will turn into loving companion animal for all.

Personality quirks:
The distinctive quirky personality trait about the pumi is how vocal this breed can be around its owners or other animals. They often make strange noises rather than barking, sometimes sound like human hums (sounds known as “yodeling”). This distinct characteristic traits ensures that once you’re close with a pumi,you’d always recognise their voice and one could surely point out someone who owns one just by hearing these sounds.

Famous examples:
Although not very famous outside Hungarian circles,pumis remain popular pets within Hungary itself,appearing on various TV shows and commercials.Home bred Magasparti Angyal ‘Angie’ became world’s first ever International champion under FCI which was huge milestone at that time.The fun-loving character “Hobo” featured in BBC sitcom “Citizen Smith,” portrayed by Elvis Payne was played by a pumi mix named Terry .

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