Pont-Audemer Spaniel

The Pont-Audemer Spaniel: A Sporting Dog with a Unique Appearance


The Pont-Audemer Spaniel is a French breed that originated in the 19th century in Normandy, France. It was developed for bird hunting and specifically for waterfowl retrieving, making it an excellent choice as a hunting companion. The breed nearly went extinct after World War II due to its limited popularity but has made a comeback thanks to dedicated breeders.

Physical Appearance:

The Pont-Audemer Spaniel stands between 20-24 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs between 44-62 pounds. This medium-sized dog has long curly hair that can range from brown or liver-colored with white markings on their chest and feet. They also have webbed feet that enable them to swim well and retrieve game in the water easily.


Pont-Audemar Spaniels are loyal, protective, friendly dogs with good-natured personalities who make excellent family pets when raised correctly. They get along well with children but like any other dog should always be supervised around younger children who don’t yet understand how to interact safely with dogs.

Health Problems:

While generally healthy breeds of dog there are some conditions these spaniels may suffer from more often than others such as hip dysplasia, ear infections because of their long ears (which need regular cleaning), and allergies which cause itching skin problems among others issues..

Exercise Requirements:

They require moderate exercise every day because they were bred for work rather than companionship so high-energy activities would keep them stimulated — including running about outside frequently if possible! Regular walks or runs will help maintain their physical health while improving mental alertness too!.

Special Grooming Needs:

Regular grooming is essential when you own this type of dog; regular brushing will help remove debris or knots in their fur coat – remember they love being outdoors gathering messes throughout so proper maintenance avoids infection risks.


Pont-Audemer Spaniels are quick learners, and training them should not be an issue. However, they do require consistent training to keep their minds stimulated as they are a bright and inquisitive breed that responds well to positive reinforcement techniques.

Compatibility with children/pets:

They get along well with other dogs if socialized early on but can become aggressive toward other animals such as cats or birds because of their natural hunting instincts making introductions gradual is important. They also enjoy spending time around older children but need supervision around younger ones who may accidentally hurt the dog due to playfulness that could be interpreted aggressively by the spaniel.

Personality quirks:

The Pont-Audemar Spaniel is known for its keen sense of smell, which makes it excellent at tracking down prey — this leads them occasionally onto unusual adventures while out walking off-lead sometimes!

Famous examples:

The breed has not been featured much in pop culture so far however there have been famous breeders associated with the dogs over time especially since nearly going extinct after World War II.. Some notable kennels include Le Clos Saint Clair Kennel or Chapelle de la Croix des Champs Elysees Kennel among others.

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