Peruvian Hairless Dog

The Peruvian Hairless Dog: A Unique and Loving Companion

The Peruvian Hairless Dog, also known as the Perro Sin Pelo del Peru, is a rare breed of dog that has an interesting history dating back to ancient Incan times. This unique breed originates from South America, particularly in modern-day Peru. They were bred for their ability to hunt rodents and small game but have become popular due to their friendly disposition and low shedding coats.

Physical Appearance:

Peruvian Hairless Dogs are medium-sized dogs that stand at around 16-20 inches tall and weigh between 9-18kg. Their most distinctive feature is their hairlessness which comes in various colors such as black, brown, gray or copper shades. They have loose skin around their head which forms wrinkles on the forehead when they move their eyebrows.


These affectionate dogs are loyal companions who love spending time with people. They may be initially shy towards strangers but can quickly warm up once they establish trust with them. Despite being independent by nature, these dogs crave human interaction above anything else.

They tend to be energetic creatures that require regular exercise throughout the day but are happy to relax inside with you during downtime activities like watching TV or reading a book. When it comes down to it though, they would rather snuggle than play ball outdoors!

Health Problems:

Like many breeds of dogs today, the Peruvian Hairless dog is susceptible to certain health problems including skin allergies (due partly because of lack of fur), hypothyroidism – underactive thyroid gland-, dental disease and hip dysplasia among others issues associated only with other breeds’ types at large-scale tendencies since there’s no available data about breed-specific disorders yet . With proper care however through routine medical check-ups (at least once per year) following veterinarian advice owners can take preventive measures against some common health concerns .


Due to its high-energy level and requirement for daily physical activity, the Peruvian Hairless Dog thrives on regular exercise and playtime. A 30-minute walk or jog twice a day can help them maintain their overall health, but they are also known to enjoy running around in a fenced yard.

Special Grooming Needs:

Since Peruvian Hairless Dogs lack fur, they require special care for their skin which is susceptible to sunburns and irritants. Owners should bathe these dogs once every two weeks using mild dog shampoo and apply lotion made especially for hairless breeds. Additionally because of how easily dirt accumulates on the surface of the skin owners should consider investing in dog-specific wipes that can quickly clean off any accumulated dirt or debris.


Peruvian Hairless Dogs have been bred primarily as hunters with superior olfactory skills; thus proper training is essential to keep their instincts sharp and behavior disciplined when playing outdoors . Early obedience training is highly recommended due to its importance during socialization with strangers so it’s vital that you start engaging your pet at an early age – typically by six months old- either through group sessions or one-on-one private coaching with professional trainers.

Compatibility with Children/Pets:

Peruvians are well-known for being excellent companions who get along great with children if trained correctly from an early age.They usually do well living alongside other pets such as cats since there won’t be too much fuss over territory disputes between species -although supervise carefully during first interactions!

Personality Quirks:

The most noticeable quirk about this breed aside from not having fur all over? Despite only coming in one size (medium), they have three different sizes of teeth: small, medium, large so it might be harder than expected trying to find chew toys suitable for your pup’s individual bite size preference .

Famous Examples:

Despite their relative obscurity outside Peru where many locals take pride in owning at least one “official” representative-type pooch per household, there are some examples of Peruvian Hairless Dogs gaining renown in the media. In 2019 a handsome five-year old male PSHD named “Frank” won Best in Show at the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

Overall, The Peruvian Hairless Dog makes for a unique and loving companion with its friendly disposition and energetic nature. If you have what it takes to provide them with proper care, training, exercise and socialization required as well taking on responsibility of regular veterinary check-ups then these affectionate dogs can make an amazing addition to any family!

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