Patterdale Terrier

Patterdale Terrier: A Compact and Loyal Breed for Adventure

The Patterdale Terrier is a small yet robust breed that originated in the Lake District of Northern England. Developed from various terriers, including the Border Terrier and Fell Terrier, this breed was mainly bred as a working dog to hunt foxes, badgers, and other vermin.

Physical Appearance

The Patterdale Terrier stands around 10-15 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs between 11-13 pounds on average. Their coats are short-haired with black being the most common color seen in this breed. However, they also come in chocolate brown or red shades of varying intensity.

Their eyes are usually dark-colored (brown or black) almond-shaped with ears that fold forward close to their head. The body shape is muscularly built designed to maximize speed over agility when pursuing prey such as rats or rabbits.


Patterdale Terriers have earned a reputation for being loyal dogs who bond closely with their owners but can be somewhat reserved towards strangers until getting to know them better. They tend to be very affectionate animals who love nothing more than spending time playing outdoors or going on long walks/hikes through nature trails.
This loyalty often extends beyond humans into relationships with other pets as well since they were originally trained alongside hounds used for hunting purposes.

Health Problems
As any other dog breed Patterdales may suffer from health issues such as hip dysplasia although these instances aren’t too common among them comparetively speaking.Other potential problems include legg-perthes which leads to joint dislocation leading discomfort while walking; patellar luxation where kneecap becomes displaced causing another orthopedic issue which eventually affects movement capabilities if left unchecked.They generally live about twelve years making longevity isn’t an issue given you take care of it properly by seeing a veterinarian at regular intervals throughout its life span.Just be aware of the signs and symptoms commonly seen in Patterdale Terriers such as excessive shaking, loss of appetite or lethargy

Patterdale Terriers are energetic dogs who love nothing more than getting outside for exercise. In terms of exercise requirements, they need at least an hour each day with room to run around since it helps them burn off excess energy. Owners should create routines incorporating fetch games or outdoor activities that they enjoy.

Special Grooming Needs
Their short-haired coat is easy to maintain without too much effort, although regular brushing is still essential especially during shedding seasons. They usually require a bath once every month but may not have to get washed frequently unless conditions warrant it (swimming in ponds/mud) since they stay relatively clean most times.

While training your dog proper behavior might be a task take heed:Positive Reinforcement Training could help you.The earlier this process starts,the better behaviors can be managed.Long walks,frequent interaction with other dogs etc could aid in their social skills.
Compatibility With Other Children/Pets
As far as being friendly towards kids go,Patterdales do well with children! They tend to establish bonds quickly and look out for them like big brothers/sisters.However,beware if any rough play happens,since small kids aren’t always careful,dogs might become overwhelmed by their intensity.That said,it’s good idea parents supervise young ones playing alongside pets.Other animals can coexist quite peacefully with these terriers provided that initial supervised interactions between both parties happen so that they ease into living together.

Personality Quirks
One thing notable about Patterdale’s personalities however,is how protective they get over those whom thy hold dear-they even instinctively develop loyalty and guarding behaviours which transfers from owners or family members right up until strangers.Furthermore,they like digging (especially when bored),hiking/hunting games,toys- all excellent ways make them happy!

Famous Examples
Though not too common in the public domain due to their relatively low profile,there are some famous owners of Patterdale terriers one can look up.Guy Ritchie is known for his beloved pet who’s helped him deal with anxiety issues.Among many other celeb dog-owners,a somewhat lesser-known one is Ryan Gosling.

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