Original English Bulldogge

The Original English Bulldogge: A Guide to the Strong and Lovable Breed

History of the breed:
The Original English Bulldogge, also known as the Leavitt Bulldog, is a modern breed that was developed in 1971 by Ohio native David Leavitt. He aimed to create a healthier version of the traditional English bulldog that would be free from health issues like respiratory problems and hip dysplasia. To achieve this goal, he crossed breeds such as American Bulldogs, Boxers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, and Pit Bulls.

Physical appearance:
This medium-sized dog stands at 16-20 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs between 50-80 pounds. It has a short coat that comes in various colors including brindle, fawn or white with black patches. Their eyes are typically brown but can be blue in some instances. The most distinctive physical features include their broad head with large jaws and muscular body.

Original English Bulldogges are incredibly loyal dogs who love spending time with their owners. They make great companions for people who enjoy outdoor activities like hiking or playing fetch in a park since they have high energy levels despite being laid-back indoors too! These dogs tend to get along well with children when properly socialized early on.

Health Problems:
As compared to traditional English bulldogs, Original English Bulldogges suffer fewer health issues which makes them perfect for pet owners looking for less maintenance pets!. However just like all other purebred dogs ,they are prone to certain genetic conditions such as deafness eye problems etc.If you intend on adopting an OEb then ensure u consult your breeder about his ancestry & genetic background

Exercise Requirements :
The OEB requires moderate amounts of exercise daily routine to keep themselves healthy & happy.The ideal amount of playtime they require ranges from thirty minutes (30) -two hours(2hrs). Owners must take note not to over-exercise them as their breed are prone to breathing issues.

Special Grooming Needs:
OEBs are low-maintenance dogs due to the short length of their coat which makes grooming easy and quick.Their coat only needs brushing once a week and bathing occasionally. Their wrinkles, however , need daily cleaning using damp cotton wool so they do not develop bacteria.

It is important that training begins immediately when a puppy gets home.Training should be done through positive reinforcement techniques such as treats or praises for good behavior! It is also advisable to enroll your OEB in obedience school & continue teaching him commands at home even after graduating from obedience school

Compatibility with Children/Pets:
The Original English Bulldogge can get along well with children and other pets if socialized early on. However, this breed requires supervision around small kids since they can accidentally knock them down when playing.

Personality Quirks :
Original English Bulldogs have distinct personalities that make them stand out from other breeds. They have been known to snore loudly in their sleep, make grunting sounds while awake ,while standing/sitting looking like wrinkly munchkins reminding us what true friendship feels like!

Famous Examples:
Although relatively new among dog breeds,the OEb has made appearances in several movies,docus .Some popular examples include “Sally”-featured in the documentary “Bulldogs” (1988),Ralph-Meghans Beloved pup!

In conclusion , The Original English Bulldogge may be a newer breed but it is one worth considering if you’re seeking for an active companion who won’t require too much maintenance.Buyers should research thoroughly before making any purchase,you must ensure you buy an ethical bred healthy puppy who’ll add value & happiness into your life for many years !

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