Olde Victorian Bulldogge

Olde Victorian Bulldogge – The Strong and Loyal Companion

The Olde Victorian Bulldogge is a relatively new breed that was created in the United States by Carlos Woods. This breed was developed by crossbreeding the English Bulldogs, American Bulldogs, Pit Bulls and Bullmastiffs. The aim of this breeding program was to bring back the look and temperament of bulldogs from before they were bred for dogfighting.

Physical Appearance:

This muscular breed has a medium to large-sized body with an average height ranging between 17-20 inches and weight falling under 60-90 pounds. They have short hair which may come in any shade including black, white or fawn. Their eyes are almond-shaped and usually light-colored like blue or green.


Olde Victorian Bulldogges are known for their loyal, obedient, friendly nature making them great companions for families with children as well as other pets such as cats or dogs. They are highly protective of their family members but not aggressive towards strangers unless they sense danger around.

Health Problems:

Like most breeds, Olde Victorian Bulldogges can be prone to some health problems such as hip dysplasia due to their larger size however regular checkups with your veterinarian can help detect these early on if present which will lead to better management of symptoms over time.


These energetic dogs require daily physical activity through walks/runs/playtime for at least one hour per day considering age energy level and size with particular emphasis put on mental stimulation exercises (puzzle games/chew toys).

Special Grooming Needs:

Though there’s no much shedding involved when it comes to grooming needs weekly brushing should take place alongwith baths once every two months’ use proper grooming tools such as slicker brushes available at your local pet store/online stores.


Olde Victorian Bulldogge responds well positively reinforced training techniques guided by positive reinforcement ensure these fluffy friends learn behaviors that make them good companions. Basic obedience training, advanced obedience training and breed-specific training needs should be included in any Olde Victorian Bulldogge’s training regimen.

Compatibility with children/pets:

Olde Victorian Bulldogges are highly compatible with children & other household pets provided they have been introduced properly to them at the earliest age possible and subjected to proper socialization during this period which helps prevent negative interactions between dogs, children and other animals.

Personality quirks:
Their love for cuddling when tired after a long walk makes for an extra treat and many of these fluffy friends enjoy being around people as well as their toys.

Famous examples: As a relatively newer breed there aren’t any famous dogs from this group per se but olde victorian bulldogs are gaining more popularity among families across USA due to their loyal temperament making them great family pets & watchdogs.

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