Olde English Bulldogge

The Olde English Bulldogge is a breed that originated from the United States in the 1970s. It was created as an attempt to bring back the old-style working bulldogs of England, which were bred for stamina and athleticism instead of just appearance.

In terms of physical appearance, the Olde English Bulldogge typically stands between 17-20 inches tall and weighs around 50-80 pounds. They have a short coat that can come in various colors such as white, fawn, brindle, or black. Their eyes are usually brown or hazel and they have a stocky build with muscular bodies.

One interesting variation of this breed is called the “Leavitt” strain which was developed by David Leavitt in order to preserve some important traits such as good health and athleticism without sacrificing any necessary characteristics like loyalty.

As far as temperament goes, this breed is known for being friendly and loyal towards their owners while also being very protective. They can be great family dogs due to their affectionate nature but may require supervision around children if not properly socialized early on. The Olde English Bulldogge has strong hunting instincts so it’s best to supervise them when interacting with smaller animals.

When it comes to health problems associated with this breed it’s important keep up-to-date with regular vet check-ups since they tend develop hip dysplasia; skin allergies are also common among Bulldogs especially during summer seasons where fleas become active indoors..

The lifespan expectancy of an olde english bulldogge ranges from about 9 -14 years depending on genetics, nutrition habits and exercise routines: Daily walks should be included along additional playtime activities outside throughout each day! Recommended preventative measures include adequate vaccination schedules according your veterinarian’s suggestions plus maintaining healthy eating patterns!

Special grooming needs vary based on each individual dog’s hair texture however general upkeep including brushing teeth regularly helps maintain overall hygiene: Bulldogs may produce more saliva than other dog breeds which can lead to bad breath and dental issues.

Training an Olde English Bulldogge requires a lot of positive reinforcement techniques. Basic obedience training and advanced obedience training is recommended to help create good habits that will stick. They are intelligent dogs so they enjoy being trained by their owners, but can be stubborn at times if not properly motivated.

Olde English Bulldogs are very loyal towards their family members as well as being protective so it’s important make sure early socialization is given priority especially around children or other household pets! Positive reinforcement with rewards such as treats helps cement relationships between these loyal companions when creating strong bonds!

One famous example of the breed would be Benson who was featured in Pit Boss on Animal Planet from 2010 -2013 with his owner Shorty Rossi. Another notable appearance of the breed in media was Spike, Snoop Dogg’s bulldog who starred in several music videos over the years.

In conclusion, The Olde English Bulldogge has become popular among families due to its affectionate nature and fun-loving personality traits.It makes a great family pet because they’re typically friendly towards people but you’ll want ensure it gets plenty exercise every day! Like all dogs this beautiful breed benefits greatly from living in homes where food nutrition is considered balanced throughout each mealtime routine! It’s best for future owners conduct research before making decisions about any furry friend adoption into your life!.

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