The Norrbottenspets: A Loyal and Affectionate Dog Breed


The Norrbottenspets (also known as Nordic Spitz) is an ancient breed that originated in Sweden, Norway, and Finland. It was primarily used for hunting small game such as foxes, squirrels, and birds. This breed evolved over the centuries to become an excellent working dog with a keen sense of smell. The Norwegian Kennel Club recognized this breed officially in 1966.

Physical Appearance:

Norrbottenspets dogs are relatively small-sized ranging from 17-20 inches tall at the shoulder and weighing between 20 to 30 pounds. They have compact bodies covered with short coats that can be white or cream-colored combined with light brown or red markings on their ears, eyes, tail-tip or sometimes legs. Their almond-shaped eyes can range in color from dark brown to amber colors.


This breed is affectionate, loyal and energetic by nature which makes it a great companion for those who love outdoor activities such as hiking or running outdoors. They tend to bond closely with one person but also display family-friendly traits making them suitable pets for homes with children older than six years old; however they need early socialization training because they may have some guarding tendencies towards strangers if not trained properly.

Health Problems:

Like most breeds of dogs there are always some health issues that should be taken into account when adopting any pet including Norrbottenspets who might inherit Hip Dysplasia – where the hip joint doesn’t develop correctly – so it’s recommended that you perform hip screening tests prior breeding these dogs to ensure only healthy puppies make it through the process.


Since this breed loves being active outdoor especially chasing prey like squirrels around your yard then you will need plenty of playtime opportunities every day which usually requires at least two walks per day around half hour each time plus other games or exercises like obedience training which help improve socialization skills as well as preventing negative behaviours from developing due to insufficient exercise.

Special Grooming Needs:

Like most Spitz breeds, the Norrbottenspets sheds seasonally and requires regular brushing with a soft bristle brush. Regular trimming of their nails will also help prevent them from breaking which could lead to painful splits or tears in nail structure making them prone to other infections so it’s necessary that you keep an eye on their grooming needs regularly.


Norrbottenspets is an intelligent breed but they can be stubborn during training hence positive reinforcement techniques might work best for this breed particularly when learning housebreaking or basic obedience commands such as sit, stay, come, etc.

Compatibility with children/pets:

This breed has high prey drive so they don’t do well around small animals indoors like cats for example and young children should always be supervised when interacting with any dog regardless of its temperament. The key here is early socialization and proper introduction methods followed by ongoing supervision at all times in order not only ensure safety but encourage trust between dogs and human family members alike avoiding the risk of unwanted accidents occurring under certain circumstances..

Personality quirks:

A unique trait among this breed is their ability to quickly detect strangers outside your home – resulting in loud barking and guarding instincts – hence it’s important that owners provide enough opportunities for socialization starting at puppyhood stage enabling these pups become more accepting towards different types of people instead reacting defensively whenever unfamiliar individuals enter your house causing unnecessary strain on both owner and pet alike.. 

Famous Examples:

Although there are no famous examples of Norrbottenspets dogs featured in movies or TV shows yet, plenty have gained fame through sporting events where hunting competitions are often held since this breed excels at tracking scent down game trails alongside their handlers demonstrating their intelligence while displaying keen sense smell capabilities typical among Nordic breeds everywhere.

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