Nebolish Mastiff

The Nebolish Mastiff is a large and powerful dog that originated from the United States. This breed was created by crossing two other breeds, the English Mastiff and the Neapolitan Mastiff, in order to produce a larger, more muscular dog with an imposing appearance.

Physical Appearance:

The Nebolish Mastiff stands at 27-32 inches tall and can weigh between 140-200 pounds. They have short fur which comes in different colors such as brindle, black, fawn or apricot. Their eyes are small and dark brown in color which gives them a serious look. This breed has drooping jowls that add to their unique appearance.


This breed of dog is known for its loyalty towards its family members while being cautious around strangers. The Nebolish Mastiff is protective of its home territory so it’s always alert when there are visitors around.
With children they tend to be patient but like with any large breed dog must be supervised when interacting with younger kids due to their size.
They usually get along well with other dogs if socialized properly but can display dominant tendencies if not given proper training or attention.

Health Problems:

Some common health issues that this breed may face include hip dysplasia (which affects mobility), heart problems or hypothyroidism . Due to their size they also need checkups regularly from veterinarians & follow recommended health screenings/check ups starting at young age.


Nebolish mastiffs require regular exercise which includes long walks several times per day as well as daily outdoor activities like swimming , running etc – these will vary depending on weight/age/activity level

Special Grooming Needs:

Their coat does not shed much hence weekly brushing should suffice however during spring shedding you might want brush them few time week
It’s important to keep ears clean because moisture build-up could lead infections – general hygiene care needed for overall good health.


Basic obedience training is needed to establish rules and commands so they know what’s expected of them. Early socialization will help them interact with other pets & people well.
Because of their large size, leash training should start as early as possible .

Compatibility with Children/Pets:

The Nebolish Mastiff gets along well with children if properly introduced in the beginning stages since puppyhood. Training helps avoid behavior problems and establishes boundaries which can reduce anxiety between household pets.

Personality quirks:

This breed has a tendency to snore loudly due to its flat face feature – it’s important provide clean environment & make sure not sleep at night while leaving dog unattended or restrict access certain areas like your bed room.
They also have strong protective instincts sometimes leading aggressive behaviors when feel family members are threatened or intruders/ strangers around.

Famous Examples:

There are no famous examples of this breed at present time however many owners love this unique animal for its loyal, loving personality and powerful appearance that turns heads wherever they go!

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