Lapinporokoira: A Reliable Herding Dog From Lapland

Originating from the harsh climate of Lapland in Northern Finland, Lapinporokoira (Finnish for “Lapp Reindeer Dog”) is an intelligent and versatile herding dog with a loyal personality. With origins dating back to at least the 19th century when it was used by indigenous Sami people for reindeer herding, this breed has become increasingly popular in Finland and other parts of the world.

The breed typically stands between 17-21 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs around 33-53 pounds. It has a muscular build, with a thick double coat that can be black, white or brown in color. The coat also features woolly underfur which keeps them warm during extreme cold weather conditions. Their almond-shaped eyes are usually dark-brown while their triangular ears tend to flop forward towards their cheeks.

Friendly yet fiercely protective of their family pack members, these dogs make excellent companions who will always stay close to your side. They have strong hunting instincts because of their background as a hunting companion for Sami people but they’re mainly bred as herding dogs nowadays which shows through some remaining traits like focus and determination on tasks assigned by humans. They do well with children if socialized properly from an early age but may take some time getting used to strangers coming into their home environment.

Health Problems
Although generally considered healthy dogs, just like any breed there are certain health issues that lapinporokoira are more prone to such as eye problems (including cataracts), hip dysplasia or epilepsy – so regular health checks should be scheduled.
The lifespan expectancy of this breed ranges anywhere from 12–15 years depending on how well taken care of they were during puppyhood stage till adulthood.

Exercise Needs
These dogs need moderate daily exercise routines comprising long walks or brisk runs. A lack of physical activity can lead to obesity, which may cause other health issues or create problems related to mobility.

Special Grooming Needs
Lapinporokoira requires regular grooming sessions like daily brushing especially during heavy shedding seasons and occasional bathing with shampoo suitable for dogs. When it comes to trimming hair around the paws, ears or face, this breed needs specialized tools in order not to damage their fur.

The Lapinporokoira is a highly intelligent breed that requires consistent training from an early age to prevent disobedience tendencies as they reach adulthood phase. Basic obedience training should start at an early age followed by advanced level training tailored according individual dog’s temperament and characteristics.

Compatibility with Children & Pets
While these dogs are loyal companions who tend to be good with children if socialized properly (that’s why teaching kids how they should behave and interact around them matters!), they have some dominant traits which should be carefully handled especially when introducing new pets into your household since there might be potential conflict due protective instincts toward family members or territory limitations such as yard space availability.

Personality Quirks
Being herding dogs by nature means that lapinporokoira naturally tends toward some quirks or specific behaviours such as continuous attention seeking towards their owners while ignoring others; chasing after fast-moving objects like balls thrown over long distances regardless if it might risk injury going towards traffic lanes for instance!

Famous Examples
Although not featuring significantly in popular culture films/TV shows/books there have been recorded stories of heroic Lapp Reindeer Dogs rescuing people lost under extreme snow conditions in wild terrains showcasing outstanding traits only found within well-bred Lapponian Herders!

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