The Kromfohrlander: A Friendly and Active Companion


The Kromfohrlander, also known as the “little clown” of dogs, is a relatively new breed that originated in Germany after World War II. It is believed to be a crossbreed between the Fox Terrier and various other breeds such as the Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen. The breed was first recognized by the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) in 1955.

Physical Appearance:

Kromfohrlanders are small- to medium-sized dogs with a height ranging from 15-18 inches at the shoulder and weight ranging from 20-30 pounds. They have an elongated head with round eyes that can be brown or hazel in color, long floppy ears, and a straight tail. The coat is soft and dense with colors ranging from white with black markings or tan spots to solid brown or black.


Kromfohrlanders are highly social animals that thrive on human companionship making them great family pets. They are loyal, friendly, intelligent, energetic and outgoing personalities who love playing outdoors but equally enjoy cuddling inside on their owner’s lap.

These curious pups also possess good hunting instincts but they make excellent watchdogs too as they remain alert when strangers come knocking at your doorstep but won’t bark incessantly without reason nor do they get overprotective about territory unless pushed too far.

Their interaction with children is usually safe because of their gentle nature which makes them ideal for families who want an active dog yet one whose personality isn’t aggressive towards kids if raised properly! Their herding instinct means they may try to ‘herd’ small children inadvertently through nipping heels (not hurting anyone). However it requires training & constant vigilance till he/she understands what’s off-limits!

Health Problems:

As a relatively new breed there has been little documentation of serious health concerns but there are some common issues that the breed is known to have such as hip dysplasia, ear infections & allergies. Kromfohrlanders are generally healthy and live on average from 14-16 years if well cared for.


Kromfohrlanders require daily exercise as they love being outdoors! A minimum of an hour walk/run a day along with activities such as fetching or agility courses which will ensure good physical condition both mentally and physically!


Despite having a thick coat, their grooming requirements are relatively low. Brushing once a week is more than sufficient although some owners may prefer to groom them twice weekly especially if they enjoy playing in mud!


These smart dogs excel at basic obedience training plus they need socialization early-on so that they’re comfortable around strangers (kids & pets). It’s suggested to start housebreaking from puppyhood & use positive reinforcement techniques like food rewards while correcting negative behaviors through discipline! One should use specialized tools (training pads, chew toys) if needed during particular stages of growth for maximum success.

Compatibility with children/pets:

Kromfohrlanders get along great with kids due to their playful disposition & cheerful temperament. They also have strong social skills making them friendly towards other animals; however it’s necessary for proper introductions when meeting new people/animals since each individual has his/her personality traits!

Personality quirks:

The Kromfohrlander has a distinct quirk – he/she loves carrying things in his/her mouth without dropping till asked politely thereby it becomes important not only utilizing this cute quality but discouraging potential behavioral habits developing unintentionally over time too.

Famous Examples:
Since the breed hasn’t been around long enough to develop celebrity status, there aren’t any famous examples yet except for perhaps champion dogs in competitive events. That said, once you adopt your own little ‘clown’, we bet he’ll become your family’s superstar!

Overall, the Kromfohrlander is a great family dog that thrives on human companionship while being active & playful! They are friendly with kids, animals and humans alike. Proper grooming and exercise will keep them healthy both mentally & physically. With patience and dedication to training from puppyhood through adulthood, they can develop into well-behaved dogs who brighten up every moment of their owners’ lives!

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