Keeshond: A Loving and Loyal Companion

If you are searching for a medium-sized dog with an excellent temperament, Keeshonds should be on your list. The breed is known for being friendly, playful, intelligent, and loyal. In this article, we will dive into everything you need to know about the Keeshond breed.

History of the Breed:

The Keeshond breed originated in Holland during the 18th century when they were bred as watchdogs on riverboats. They became popular among Dutch merchants who used them not only as guards but also as companions. These dogs have been recognized by many names throughout their history including Wolfspitz or German Spitz (their original name), Chien Loup NĂ©erlandais in France and Belgian Spitz in Belgium.

Physical Appearance:

Keeshonds belong to the spitz family and are characterized by their thick coats that stand up around their necks like a ruff. These fluffy dogs grow up to 18 inches tall at shoulder height with males weighing between 35-45 pounds while females weigh between 30-40 pounds. Their fur comes primarily in shades of gray with black tips giving it a unique ‘spectacles’ appearance around their eyes.


Their personality traits make them an ideal companion for families or individuals seeking loving canines that excel at obedience training due to their intelligence levels which rank high compared to most breeds’. They are energetic yet gentle pets that get along well with children making them great choices for young families.

Health Problems:

Similar to other breeds developed from Nordic roots such as huskies or malamutes – these beautiful creatures do suffer from hip dysplasia which involves malformation of ball joints connecting hip bones leading to arthritis especially in later years so owners must practice responsible breeding practices followed by regular health checksups alongside good nutrition regime aimed towards maintenance & treatment if needed against these conditions arising over time-life span expectancy ranging anywhere between 12-15 years.


Due to their size and temperament, Keeshonds require moderate daily exercise which can range from brisk walks on a leash or playtime in the park. They tend to be less demanding than other high-energy breeds but owners should still keep up with recommended routine physical activity plans that come included with them as well as obedience training.

Special Grooming Needs:

Keeshonds have thick double coats consisting of an outer layer of long hair while underneath is dense fur providing warmth for colder seasons. For best coat care use special grooming tools such as slicker brushes alongside vacuum cleaners designed for pet hair removal used regularly too around your home and car interiors if necessary; baths every two months using mild shampoos aimed towards dry skin regime but keeping sufficient moisture throughout it all times – trimming nails once per month at least (you will know when they need doing).


The breed has a very receptive mind making them great learners during basic obedience, trick teachings/ tricks displays programs effectively trained using positive reinforcement methods via treats – avoiding negative reactions thanks to its emotional intelligence level amongst other things;

Compatibility with children/pets:

Keeshond is an affable breed that enjoys spending time in the company of others, including children and fellow pets such as cats or birds whom it cohabitates harmoniously alongside due mainly perhaps too good socialization procedures followed early on mostly during puppy stages plus continued conditioning sessions into adulthood life span ensuring ease-of-integration later down-the-line to meet family needs perfectly satisfied without issues arising against any backgrounds available under standard protocols prevailing over elsewhere;

Personality quirks:

This highly sociable yet loyal dog would form bonds quite quickly starting from just about anyone! However, this does mean that sometimes they could develop separation anxiety until/unless sufficiently exposed gradually outwards by repeatedly exposing themselves frequently meeting new people/stimuli thus initiating trust-building exercises itself again relying-on calming techniques at hand which should help soothe their worried minds over time in a variety of settings applicable down-the-line alongside good nutritional habits practiced regularly.

Famous Examples:

Notable historical figures associated with the Keeshond breed include William of Orange (also known as King William III) and his dog Pompey. More recently, ‘Boomer’ owned by Denise Richards featured as part of her family life featuring reality show on E! Entertainment Television’s “Denise Richards: It’s Complicated” showcasing its daily routines around home aired during 2008-2009 seasons garnering international attention for the breed besides other public presentations made across media channels available globally.

In conclusion, Keeshonds are a great choice for anyone looking for an affectionate and loyal companion that loves being around people, especially children. They require moderate levels of exercise but do need regular grooming care due to their thick double-coat shedding occasionally against varying weather conditions lasting throughout year-round period ensuring good health maintenance schemes too followed accordingly through wise breeding practices adopted predominantly up-front-beginnings towards adulthood further keeping them healthy beyond expectancy age ranges possible ongoing into senior years maintaining quality-of-life worthwhile all-around day-to-day living standards given nothing lesser than all desired met!

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