Hovawart: A Loyal and Protective Dog Breed

The Hovawart is a large dog breed known for its loyalty, protectiveness, and obedience. Originating from Germany in the Middle Ages, this breed was initially used as a guard dog to protect livestock and property. With a robust body type and intelligent mind, they are an ideal companion for people who need protection at home.

Physical Appearance:

The Hovawart is a medium-to-large sized dog that stands between 23-30 inches tall at the shoulder. The weight of adult dogs ranges between 55-90 pounds depending on gender. Their coat is thick with long hair covering their chest, tail, legs, and neck. The color of their fur varies from black to blond or gold with occasional white markings around the paws or chest area. They have dark eyes which give them an intelligent appearance along with great vision.


This German breed has various personality traits that make it one of the most protective breeds out there. This pooch can be reserved around strangers but remains alert while keeping its owner’s interests in mind.

Known for their loyalty towards their owners, they crave love and affection when needed by leaning against you or giving you kisses when feeling blue.

Due to their herding instincts inherited since medieval times of guarding livestock properties like cattle farms etc., they tend to possess natural behavioral tendencies such as hunting prey instinctively among other behaviors like chasing cars down roads if not trained well enough early on.

However; many Hovies will interact lovingly with kids once socialized properly through training programs specifically designed for younger children so everyone involved will feel safe all-around making sure every family member feels welcome & protected without fail!

Health Problems:

While generally healthy dogs throughout much of history due mainly because selective breeding cutout any serious health problems arising within this bloodline beforehand; prospective owners should keep note certain conditions may arise including hip dysplasia and joint-related issues. To be completely safe, a veterinary check-up is necessary at least once per year to catch any potential health problems early on.


To keep their active energy levels in-check; Hovawarts requires moderate amounts of daily exercise. Daily walks or runs with 30-minute sessions twice daily can suffice for most dogs while larger sized males will need additional rigorous exercises. Providing this breed regular training helps keep them well-behaved when not actively exercising, which ensures better overall behavior for all household members involved!

Special Grooming Needs:

Hovawart owners should brush and bathe the dog’s coat regularly as it tends to mat quickly with prolonged periods of time between grooming sessions; However frequent brushing (preferably every few days) along wih occasional baths will help maintain cleanliness and make sure the fur remains shiny & smooth without matting too badly! Special tools like slicker brushes work wonders keeping that long flowing coat looking its absolute best everytime..


Training programs specifically geared towards herding breeds are recommended for an easy-going & obedient experience while teaching basic obedience commands around other people they may come across at public places like pet stores or local parks.

With adequate care & proper attention paid to behavioral tendencies hailing back from decades upon decades ago their human handlers can guarantee happy lives alongside these wonderful protectors loyal to a fault!

Compatibility with children/pets

The Hovawart is typically good around children due largely in-part because its ancient ancestors have been protecting families throughout many generations making them reliable companions no matter what the size difference or familiarity level.
Moreover, With a natural tendency towards hunting prey instilled during medieval times guarding livestock farms etc.. owners should always monitor interactions with smaller pets indoors just incase accidental incidents happen by mistake.

Personality quirks:

A common personality quirk found amongst this beautiful German breed is being overly protective about areas they consider “their territory” which includes anything from furniture, yard, other animals or even family members living under the same roof. So a house-training program around such behavior is always suggested for smooth sailing and an overall pleasant experience having these furry friends around daily life.

Famous examples:

One example of a famous Hovawart would be Amon who portrayed an intelligent dog named “Boss” in Germany’s longest-running crime drama called Tatort.

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