Hellenikos Poimenikos

The Hellenikos Poimenikos, also known as the Greek Shepherd Dog, is a breed that originated in Greece. It has been used for centuries as a herding and watchdog in its native land.

This breed is medium-sized with males standing at 58-64 cm (23-25 inches) tall at the shoulder and females slightly smaller. They usually weigh between 25 to 35 kg (55 to 77 lbs). The coat of Hellenikos Poimenikos comes in various colors including black, brown, fawn or white with short hair. Their eyes are typically dark brown or hazel-colored while their ears flop over down towards their cheeks.

The Hellenikos Poimenikos dog is highly intelligent and has a strong sense of loyalty towards its owners making them excellent family pets. They are friendly but can be reserved around strangers if not socialized properly from an early age.They have strong protective instincts towards their families which makes them good watchdogs however they need socialization and training so they don’t become overly aggressive. Being bred for livestock management,this breed may still possess some herding instinct therefore proper exercise will help keep this behavior under control.

Health Problems:
Like all breeds there may be certain health issues that are common among the Hellenikois Poimenkois such as hip dysplasia or retinal atrophy.Having routine vet check-ups along with maintaining regular grooming regimens and proper nutrition will aid in keeping them healthy.Their average lifespan ranges between approximately 10 to12 years.

Exercise Requirements:
Hellenikos Poimenekios require lots of daily exercise like most working dogs do.Aside from walking it’s recommended giving ample opportunities for running playing fetch,and enjoying other physical activities.This will help keep the pooch both mentally stimulated physically fit preventing unwanted destructive behaviors often seen due to boredom

Special Grooming Needs:
Their short coat doesn’t require much maintenance however regular brushing to remove dead hair and dirt will help keep them clean, along with providing lots of opportunities for bathing.

The Hellenikos Poimenekios dog is highly intelligent so they respond well to positive reinforcement training techniques. They need early socialization, obedience classes and other behavioral training as their protective instincts may become too dominant if not properly trained. Housebreaking puppies should also be a priority

Hellenikos Poimenikos dogs do well around children when trained and socialized from an early age.They can coexist peacefully with other pets in the household provided they are raised together again socialization is key.If planning on adopting this breed,don’t forget to take time introducing any new family members or other dogs in a safe secure way.

Personality Quirks:
One unique characteristic of the Hellenikos Poimenekios is its tendency towards being independent. This means that while it enjoys spending time with its human companions capable of entertaining itself without much guidance or supervision.Alongside this trait sometimes exhibits high prey drive especially toward smaller animals therefore due care must be taken.

Famous Examples:
As yet there have been no famous examples for this breed which highlights how relatively unknown they still remain beyond Greece at present,maybe someone could be tempted after reading about their great qualities!

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