Hellenikos Ichnilatis

Hellenikos Ichnilatis: A Guide to the Greek Hound

Originating from Greece, the Hellenikos Ichnilatis, or more commonly known as the Greek Hound is an ancient breed that has been used for centuries in hunting. They are a medium-sized dog with a muscular body and short coat. Their coloring can range from black and tan to white and lemon.

Physical Appearance:
The breed stands at around 18-20 inches at shoulder height and weighs between 44-55 pounds. The fur of the Greek hound is generally quite short with black patches on its back which give it its distinctive appearance.
One unique feature of this breed is their long ears which help them pick up scents while they hunt.

Greek hounds are loyal and affectionate towards their owners but can be shy around strangers. Due to their strong hunting instincts, they may not be suitable for households with small pets such as cats or rabbits.
This breed gets along well with children who treat them kindly but due to their high energy levels, young children may need supervision when playing with them.

Health Problems:
Like any other breed, the Greek hound has several health concerns you need to watch out for. Health issues particular to this breed include hip dysplasia, ear infections due to droopy ears so regular check-ups are needed.
On average these dogs have a lifespan of 10-12 years if properly cared for by getting necessary vaccinations on time etc.

Due to being bred for hunting purposes originally; they require daily exercise consisting of walks/runs or playtime sessions lasting no less than one hour per day depending on size/energy level

Special Grooming Needs:

Minimal grooming is required since they have short fur -weekly brushing should suffice unless excessive shedding occurs during seasonal changeovers where some trimming may be necessary i.e., nail clipping every few weeks!

These dogs are smart but can be stubborn during training. Positive reinforcement, such as treats and praise has been shown to work best with them. Basic obedience training is necessary, however, breed-specific or advanced obedience training may also be useful if you plan on using your Greek hound for hunting purposes.

Compatibility with Children/Pets:
This breed is generally friendly towards children that treat them well but may not get along with small pets like cats due to their high prey drive.

Personality Quirks:
One unique personality trait of the Greek Hound breed includes a distinct howling sound used when signaling hunters or other members of its pack – They often howl at sirens or unusual sounds! It is important to note that they are known for having selective hearing so recall training should never stop even once learned!

Famous Examples:
There have been no famous examples of Greek Hounds in popular culture so far but perhaps this will change soon!

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