Harrier: A Loyal and Energetic Companion

History of the Breed and Physical Appearance

The Harrier is an old hunting breed that originated in England. They were initially bred to hunt small game, such as hares, rabbits, and foxes. The breed was named after the French word ‘harier,’ which means ‘dog of the chase.’ The Harrier’s ancestors are believed to be a cross between English Foxhounds, Basset Hounds, and Beagles.

They have a muscular and athletic appearance with long legs built for endurance running. The average weight ranges from 45 to 65 pounds, while their height varies from 19 to 21 inches at the shoulder for females and up to 22 inches for males. Their coat is short-haired but dense enough to protect them during hunting activities. Colors can range from tricolor (black/tan/white) or bicolor (white & tan). It’s common that they also have white on their chest or neck area.


Harriers are known for being friendly, loyal dogs with an outgoing personality. They love people company but may have a strong hunting drive that might distract them when chasing scents outdoors; however indoors they tend to be calm dogs.

Their natural prey-drive makes them excellent hunters but can present challenges if not properly trained or stimulated mentally by challenging games or puzzles.

Interaction with children & other pets

This breed tends towards sociability toward kids so long as socialization has happened at an early age; it’s important since Harriers are known pack-animals traditionally used in group hunts , this trait also serves well adapting into multi-pet households where there aren’t any safety issues concerning toys or feeding stations .

Health Problems

As far as health concerns go in Harriers there no predominant medical conditions recorded just typical issues like hip dysplasia due its breeding lineage . Regular checkups should catch any possible complications before they occur, which can prolong their lifespan. On average Harriers can expect to live up to 12-14 years.

Exercise and Training Needs

This breed requires plenty of exercise; hiking, walking or running are great ways to keep them stimulated both mentally and physically ; but avoid exercising them too hard on hot days as this could lead to dehydration .To prevent boredom that might lead into destructive behavior it’s recommended playing puzzle games indoors when weather doesn’t permit outdoor activities.

Harriers are intelligent dogs that require obedience training for better control especially given they tend react quickly on scent-based cues while outdoors hunting since a properly trained dog keeps everybody safe while roaming free in the fields .

Special Grooming Needs

The short-haired coat of Harrier is relatively easy maintain at home , brushing with the proper tools once weekly will help remove dirt and dead hairs from fur helping maintain skin integrity. However hygiene should also be kept an eye out for maintaining ear health by cleaning inside ears regularly and its teeth cleaned accordingly depending upon age groups.

Personality Quirks & Famous Examples

One trait all harrier owners share is that their dogs love exercise – they thrive under challenging conditions such as long hikes or runs so don’t be surprised if your pup starts begging you daily walks around nearby parks! Their amiable nature makes them excellent companions whether indoors or outside hunting parties thanks predominate traits seen during generations past.

Some notable individuals who have owned Harriers include Sir Nicholas Bacon, the Lord Keeper of Elizabeth I’s seal known as The Death Seal; other noted associations includes The Duke of Beaufort whose pack used the hounds’ abilities further popularizing Harrier across Britain till today.
Famous examples: One famous literary example would be Hefty Heart from the children’s novel Redwall by Brian Jacques depicts a brave warrior defending friends against foe showing loyalty at every turn just like these hounds always loyal – even through thick and thin.

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