Halden Hound

The Halden Hound: A Loyal and Energetic Companion for the Active Family

Originating in Norway, the Halden Hound is a relatively new breed that was developed during the early 1900s. This breed is named after its region of origin, which is near the border of Sweden and Norway. The breed was created by crossing local hunting hounds with English foxhounds to create a more powerful and efficient hunting dog. Today, this versatile breed remains popular in Norway as a skilled hunting companion.

Physical Appearance:
The Halden Hound has an athletic build with long legs that make it well-suited for chasing prey through forested areas. This medium-sized breed typically weighs between 40-50 pounds and stands approximately 20-23 inches tall at the shoulder. Their smooth coat comes in various shades of red, yellow or tan with white markings on their chest and feet. These dogs have expressive brown eyes that often give them an alert appearance.

Haldens are known for their friendly nature towards people, making them great family pets who enjoy being around children and other animals if they are socialized from an early age.. They are loyal to their owners but can be quite independent when out on hunts so need time off-leash regularly so they don’t bolt away following some scent downwind. These energetic dogs possess strong senses such as smell which can lead them easily astray.

Health Problems:
As a relatively healthy dog breed there aren’t any major concerns when it comes to health however eye problems have been reported such as cataracts.
Life expectancy averages around 12 years although many live much longer lives.
Regular exercise (walking/hiking/running) keeps these active breeds fit both mentally & physically..

Special Grooming Needs:
Their short hair coats do not require too much grooming except occasional brushing or bathing.

Heralded as great working dogs, the Halden is intelligent, eager to please its owner and learns quickly. Early socialization with other animals as puppies will provide confidence. This breed needs consistent training from a young age to build basic obedience skills.

Compatibility with children/pets:
Haldens are gentle around children of all ages especially if they are socialized well early in their life. As long as the pets are introduced gradually and safely there should be no trouble getting along.

Personality quirks:
The Halden can become very attached to its family members so owners need to allow enough time for bonding.

Famous examples:
There aren’t any famous examples that come to mind for the Halden breed at this point.

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