Grand Bleu De Gascogne

The Grand Bleu De Gascogne: A Majestic Breed with Hunting Instincts


The Grand Bleu De Gascogne is a breed of dog that originated in France. The breed was first developed during the 14th century and has been widely used for hunting purposes since its inception. This large hound was bred to hunt boar, deer, and wolves in packs which shows their loyalty, teamwork, and bravery.

Physical Appearance:

This majestic breed is characterized by its tall height – ranging from 24 to 28 inches at the shoulder – and can weigh up to 80-90 pounds! They are muscular with broad chests and long ears that extend past their noses. Their coat is short-haired blue or black ticked (with patches of black on white), giving them a regal appearance. They have brown eyes full of love for their owner but they become more serious while performing their hunting duties.


Grand Bleus are friendly dogs who show lots of affection towards people they know well like family members but tend to be aloof around strangers making them good watchdogs too. Their personality traits include loyalty, protectiveness (especially over children), independence, shyness but not aggressiveness.

They still maintain strong instincts for chasing smaller animals such as squirrels or rabbits so it’s important to train them from early age how interact with other pets especially if there will be an unsupervised playtime between different types of species.

Health Problems:

Like all breeds’ Grand Bleus can face some health issues throughout life such as hip dysplasia or ear infections due elongated ears facilitating bacteria build-up inside. However these problems can be prevented by regular checkups under guidance of professional vet experienced with this breed.
Lifespan expectancy varies among individual dogs however average length equals approximately ten years allowing many amazing moments between pet owner & dog companion!


Grand Bleus needs daily exercise due to their high energy levels & hunting instincts! They require long walks and runs which will stimulate them both mentally and physically. It’s important to ensure this breed’s physical activity remains balanced with training that limits jumping or other activities that could harm their health especially in younger years.

Special Grooming Needs:

Due to the length of their ears, Grand Bleus require regular cleaning and grooming specifically focusing on eliminating wax build up & applying medicated ear drops if recommended by professional vet. The short coat requires little more than occasional brushing although baths can be given during extreme weather conditions without over stressing dogs natural oils needed for healthy coat growth.


Basic obedience is essential for Grand Bleus but advanced training such as search-and-rescue or agility sports may also be suitable depending on the individual dog’s ability level or owner goals. This breed tends towards independence so early training is crucial along with socializing from young age under professional care/training guidance.

Compatibility with children/pets:

Grand bleus are good family pets though they need supervision when playing with younger children as these dogs have strong chasing instincts (which they use while doing what they were bred for). While getting along better with other animals than some breeds like terriers it still takes time building relationship between housemates through positive reinforcement – starting slowly introducing each pet one-by-one eventually letting them interact positively once introduced correctly!

Personality quirks:

Grand Bleu De Gascogne tend toward howling instead of barking, hence potential inappropriate noise levels might not suit all living situations.
They enjoy being outdoors surrounded by nature , using their senses giving vent physical exertion required for proper stimulation keeping happy mental balance integral improving behavior consistency loving bonding moments!

Famous examples:
There are no specific famous characters in mainstream media nor well-known owners though this certainly does not diminish value bonding opportunities available between any person fortunate enough share life alongside a loving companion such as Grand Bleu De Gascogne.

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