Gordon Setter

Gordon Setter: History, Appearance and Personality Traits

As a dog trainer with over ten years of experience in the United States, I have had the pleasure of working with various breeds and their unique temperaments. In this article, we will discuss one particular breed – the Gordon Setter.

The Gordon Setter is one of four types of setter dogs from Scotland named after Duke Alexander IV (1743-1827), who was also known as “The Good” or “Four Dukes”. The first historical record for Gordon Setters dates back to 1620 when King James VI awarded them to the Earl of Melrose. The Gordon Setter was originally used for hunting game birds such as pheasants and partridges. They were first brought to America in 1842 by Daniel Webster.

Physical Appearance:
Gordon Setters are large dogs that typically weigh between 45-80 pounds (20-36 kg) and stand at around 23–27 inches tall (58-69 cm). Their coat is medium length which lies flat against their body; it can come in black with tan markings on chest, legs, eyebrows etc.. they have broad heads with long ears which hang down close to their cheeks.

Gordon Setters are intelligent dogs that thrive on human interaction. They are loyal companions that make great family pets because they love spending time with people but need plenty of exercise too! As hunting dogs by nature, they tend to be curious about their surroundings so training early socialization skills is important if you want your pup not being shy or aggressive towards strangers or other animals.

Health Problems:
Like most purebred dogs , there can be health issues including hip dysplasia, ear infections which become more common due their long dropped ears accumulating dirt and moisture inside . On average life span expectation ranges from eight-twelve years old approximately.

Gordons require moderate to high levels of exercise to maintain their physical and mental health. Exercise should include daily walks, runs or even play sessions for at least 30 minutes which can be increased based on age, size and energy level.

Special Grooming Needs:
Due to their medium length coat Gordon Setters do require regular brushing to keep mats from forming . Once every three months is recommended however if living in hot climates they might require additional baths and trimming as well .

Training Gordon Setters requires patience with positive reinforcement techniques such as clicker training or treats. Basic obedience needs like sit , stay , come etc.. are easier taught when young while tricks like roll over , speak or shake could become more challenging but rewarding!

Compatibility with children/pets:
When socialized properly during the puppy stages it can lead them into have great bonds with kids & other pets. Though It’s important not leave toddlers alone around large dogs unsupervised.

Personality quirks:
Gordon setters are known for being vocal; howling, whining, barking loudly without any real reason sometimes! They also show individualistic behavior due being independent thinkers; hence some may not easily comply during training

Famous Examples:
There haven’t been too many famous Gordons throughout history that come straight off the top of my head besides a loyal dog named Tinkerbelle owned by former US President Lyndon B. Johnson’s daughter . Though nothing notable has occurred within media in regards to this particular breed recently.


As previously discussed above regarding personality traits – The Gordon Setter makes an excellent family pet providing they receive enough time, attention & exercise because just like any animal having good upbringing helps influence character development making healthy happy companionship possible !

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