Fox Terrier

The Fox Terrier is a small, energetic dog breed that has been popular for over a century. They are known for their intelligence and hunting instincts, which make them perfect pets for active families or individuals who enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and running.


Fox Terriers originated in England in the 18th century. They were originally bred to hunt vermin and foxes on farms. As a result of their purposeful breeding, they developed excellent agility, strength, endurance, and keen senses of smell and hearing.

Physical Appearance:

There are two types of Fox Terriers: Smooth-haired Fox Terriers and Wire-haired Fox Terriers. Both varieties share similar physical characteristics including being small-sized dogs standing at around 14 inches tall weighing between 13-18 pounds.

The smooth-coated variety has short hair that lies close to the body while the wire-haired variety’s coat is denser with curly fur giving it its unique look. The coat color can be white with black markings (black patches) or brown markings (tan). Their ears stand erect creating an alert expression; these breeds have dark eyes.


Fox terriers love people! This sociable breed will often follow its owner everywhere from garden to house chores wagging its tail all along.
These dogs are highly intelligent making training easy yet challenging too as they require lots of mental stimulation exercises due to their high intellect levels hence getting easily bored when left idle.
They also crave affection making them excellent companion animals that love spending time with humans especially children.

Health Problems:
Like most other purebred dogs from small breeds like chihuahuas there might be some health concerns related directly towards this breed usually with old age scenarios such as deafness blindness among others We therefore recommend scheduling regular veterinarian check-ups once every year just to ensure your pet stays healthy

Due to their high energy level fox terriers need exercise regularly we recommend having multiple walks about 1-2 hours a day. When playing ensure there’s enough outdoor space as they need to stretch their legs often.

Fox terriers have beautiful coats that require regular grooming – they shed minimally but maintain short fur hence only weekly brushing required preferably a wire brush which helps minimize shedding. Additionally, hair in the ears and around the paw may require trimming every few months by a professional groomer.

As mentioned earlier these are intelligent dogs easy to train, obedience training is an essential part of owning one especially for those families with children so make sure you enroll your pet for some basic dog training classes where it can learn how to respond to commands effectively

Compatibility with Children/Pets:

Fox Terriers are excellent family pets who love kids yet always display protective instincts whenever required making them loyal members of your household.
Socialization is key when introducing them to other pets especially cats and larger breeds because their hunting instincts tend towards smaller prey such as squirrels birds etc…

Personality Quirks:

Some fox terriers can get into mischiefs once in awhile such as digging holes in the yard or taking off on sudden sprints due its highly active nature putting aside all training received nevertheless this breed remains great partners.

Famous Examples:

One famous Fox Terrier was Asta from The Thin Man movie franchise during the 1930s and 1940s; another one was Baxter from Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy during early 2000’s..

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