Field Spaniel

The Field Spaniel: A Loyal and Active Companion


The Field Spaniel originated in England during the late 19th century. It is a descendant of several spaniel breeds, including the Cocker Spaniel and Sussex Spaniel. The breed was developed as a hunting dog for flushing birds out of fields. However, due to its smaller size compared to other spaniels like the English Springer or Welsh Springer, it did not gain popularity among hunters and instead became known primarily as a companion.

Physical Appearance

Field Spaniels typically weigh between 35-50 pounds with males slightly larger than females. They stand at about 17 inches tall at the shoulder. Their coats are generally wavy or curly, ranging in color from liver to black, sometimes with white markings on their chests and paws. Their eyes are dark brown, giving them an intelligent look that complements their obedient personalities.


Field Spaniels have friendly personalities towards people they trust but can be reserved around strangers without proper socialization training. They tend to get along well with children who treat them kindly since they love being part of any family activity happening around them.

As former hunting dogs, they still retain strong instincts such as tracking scents through their powerful sense of smell which may cause issues if off-leash outside because they could chase prey animals such as rabbits or squirrels unawares risking injury (for themselves) or harming wildlife unintentionally. Training classes would help manage this instinctive behavior so owners don’t need to worry while enjoying time outside together!

Health Problems

Field Spaniels have few health issues compared to some other purebred dogs; however routine check-ups are important since certain genetic disorders related specifically within breeds can pop up over time requiring additional attention from veterinarians in collaboration with pet owners proactively addressing these concerns before escalation occurs whether physically visible symptoms exist yet OR when preventative treatments make more impact versus treatment later on.

Some common health issues for Field Spaniels can include hip dysplasia, ear infections, and allergies. The breed has an average lifespan of 10-12 years if well taken care of with proper diet and exercise routines to maintain their overall health in top condition!


Field Spaniels are high-energy dogs that require daily exercise beyond just a walk around the block or playing fetch inside. They do best when they have access to outdoor spaces like parks where they can run and play off-leash without fear of scaring others who might be frightened by their unpredictable behaviors OR onto busy roads harming either animals (e.g., cats) or humans potentially in harms way due unsupervised activity causing accidental harm unintentionally despite loving nature toward owners specifically.

Regular moderate exercise will help maintain muscle mass keeping joints healthy while reducing risks associated with weight gain which could lead other conditions mentioned earlier impacting quality life-span affecting pet ownership choices down road ultimately as partners age along side one another over time.

Grooming Needs

The Field Spaniel’s curly fur is low maintenance but it should still be brushed frequently enough each week depending on length since shedding between haircuts will occur albeit less excessively than some other breeds. Brushing them often helps prevent mats from forming underneath especially near sensitive areas such as around eyes preventing irritation creating inflammation promoting bacterial infection over time requiring medication interventions too costly both financially emotionally draining ultimately leading physical ramifications reducing overall happiness general household environments shared with pets commonly associate favorite places mostly within owner households.


Due to its strong instinctual tendencies, basic obedience training is essential for Field Spaniels so that they learn how to behave indoors as well outdoors safely controlling themselves appropriately not jumping up people suddenly accidentally scratching/marking property at home unexpectedly running off unwieldy impulses suddenly without warning making safety paramount responsibility no matter what personality dog seems exhibit consistently regardless surrounding factors influencing conduct–must know importance boundaries behaviors always being transparent clear expectations starting day one. Socialization from an early age is also important to ensure they don’t become overly timid or shy around other dogs and people causing unnecessary anxious behaviors later in life which may require more extensive training methods/habits.


Field Spaniels generally get along well with other pets like cats or dogs if socialized properly as mentioned earlier. They do best in households without young children who might not be able to handle their high-energy levels leading potential accidents occurring unexpectedly since Field Spaniel’s inherent strong intuition hunting could easily misinterpret small children behave erratically suddenly when excited/unexpectedly fearful/distraught whether playful intended accidentally harmful disrupting peace harmony already established within homes shared with these furry companions so always supervise interactions closely regardless dynamics at home.

Personality Quirks

Like many dog breeds, Field Spaniels have quirks that are unique to them such as being expressive even sometimes exhibiting comedic mannerisms reflecting happiness toward owners bringing a smile brightening the day! Additionally, due to their energetic personalities, they have been known to burrow into couches and beds creating nests for themselves providing cozy snuggly havens enjoying comfortable relaxation time away from routines humans experience daily. It’s also common for them lay on laps too giving extra attention seeking behavior maybe occasionally slightly dominating but harmless expressing closeness essentially bonds created during childhood when families share special moments together allowing owners feel loved appreciated symbolizing ultimate loyalty associated specifically shared memories past being cherished reminders now present/future times spent side by side embracing latest adventures can hold.

Famous Examples

One of the most famous Field Spaniels was “Chinoe,” who won Best In Show at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show back in 1960 becoming first of breed winning prestigious award spreading awareness showcasing breed attributes across world inspiring others consider adding similar types loving family members today bridging past present futures!

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