Berger Blanc Suisse

The Berger Blanc Suisse, also known as the White Swiss Shepherd dog, is a breed of dog that originated in Switzerland. This breed was first recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) in 2011 as a separate breed from its cousin – the German Shepherd Dog.

Physical Appearance:
Berger Blanc Suisse has a strong and muscular body with an elegant appearance. They have straight legs and well-arched toes, giving them great agility for running or jumping. An adult male can weigh between 65-90 pounds while females usually weigh between 50 to 75 pounds. The average height for males is around 24 to 26 inches and females stand at around 22 to 24 inches.

Their coat type can vary from medium length to long hair, which makes them look more beautiful but also requires regular grooming attention. Typically their coat comes in white or cream color shades with almond-shaped brown eyes along with black lips and nose pads which gives it an appealing combination.

The Berger Blanc Suisse dog breed is intelligent, loyal, obedient and affectionate with their family members; they are social animals who love companionship and thrive on human interaction. Like many other working breeds like GSD’s they are sensitive dogs which make them easy-to-train especially when dealing with positive reinforcement techniques.

They exhibit herding instincts naturally due to their lineage so early training should be started if you’re planning on having this companion guard your livestock one day or maybe do some fun recreational activities like tracking or search-and-rescue games together.
Despite being protective towards strangers when living within secure perimeters,such as farms/houses etc.,they aren’t aggressive creatures generally so interactions with other household pets,kids etc shouldn’t pose too much of a problem,but care needs taken always!.

Health Problems:
As all breeds carry some risks,this applies here too.According to experts: Berger Blanc Suisse’s are predisposed to orthopedic issues like hip and elbow dysplasia,along with skin irritations caused by fleas,ticks or allergies as well as the usual ear infections. As such,veterinary check-ups should be done frequently during puppyhood/adulthood.

Berger Blanc Suisses have good energy levels so require lots of physical activities i.e., daily walks around your neighborhood,a large backyard is recommended for these dogs; playing fetch and interacting with other family members will also help them release their energy properly.Always remember that they need lots of mental stimulation too!.

Grooming Needs:
The breed requires weekly brushing or more if you want to keep up appearances! Professional grooming twice a year can save time however.Aside from that,bathing frequency depends on how dirty they get – once every 2-3 months generally suffices.

Having an intelligent disposition makes training this dog very easy-especially when positive reinforcement techniques are implemented.Beginning early can avoid some behavioural issues which usually crop up as the canine grows into adulthood (jumping,chewing etc.)

Compatibility with children/pets:
They generally have a great reputation with kids and pets alike.However,socialisation skills ought to taught early on in order for them not feel insecure towards new housemates!

Personality Quirks:
The Berger Blanc Suisse has a unique loyalty trait similar to GSDs; it usually gets attached quickly and remains loyal throughout its lifetime.Some individuals may become clingy however so be prepared!

Famous Examples:
Unfortunately there aren’t any current celebrity associations known, but these dogs were used extensively for search-and-rescue missions post 9/11!

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