Belgian Shepherd Tervuren

Belgian Shepherd Tervuren: A Dignified and Intelligent Breed

The Belgian Shepherd Tervuren, sometimes simply referred to as the Tervuren or the Belgian Sheepdog, is a graceful breed known for its elegance and intelligence. They were originally bred in Belgium during the late 19th century for herding sheep, but they have also been used for many other tasks such as police work, search-and-rescue missions, and serving as loyal companions. Let’s explore this breed further by looking into their physical appearance, temperament, health problems, exercise requirements, special grooming needs, training regimens and compatibility with children/pets.

Physical Appearance

Belgian Shepherds are large dogs that stand between 22-26 inches (56-66cm) tall at the shoulder. They weigh between 40-65 pounds (18-29kg), with males being slightly larger than females. The Tervuren has a long double coat that ranges from fawn to mahogany red with black tips on its outer coat hair which gives them an elegant look . Their almond-shaped eyes come in shades of brown or amber depending on their coat coloration; some may even have blue eyes or different colored eyes! One of their most distinctive features is their long pointed ears that naturally perk up. Overall , they give off an aura of nobility .


The Belgian Shepherd Tervuren has an impressive personality marked by high energy levels , making them particularly suited to highly active people who enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking or running . While they are incredibly loyal towards their family members – meaning they can be protective -, socialization is crucial early in life so they do not become anxious around strangers . They show great affection toward those whom they trust while remaining reserved when first meeting new people; but once friendly relationship established there are more likely good friends forever!. Belgians’ possess strong herding instincts which make them instinctively protective of small animals and kids in their surroundings.

Health Problems

The average lifespan for a Belgian Tervuren is 12 years, with some living as long as 15 years. Like any other breed, they are prone to certain health issues such as hip dysplasia and progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), which can cause blindness if left unchecked . It is essential that regular vet checkups be conducted. Potential owners should ensure that the breeder has screened both parents for these conditions before buying a puppy.

Exercise Requirements

As high-energy dogs, Belgians require daily exercise routines to keep them healthy and happy . They need an hour or more of vigorous activity every day such as playing fetch , taking walks or runs around the neighborhood. Keeping your dog active will help alleviate boredom which can often lead to negative behaviors like chewing on shoes or excessive barking when alone at home .

Special Grooming Needs

Belgian Shepherds shed heavily twice per year requiring frequent brushing during this period ; otherwise weekly brushing is enough keep their coat well-kept all year round. Their thick double-coat needs special care so it does not mat by providing good quality protein-dense diets along with conditioner shampoos & de-tangling sprays if necessary , while always being gentle handling them .

Training Regimens

Belgian Shepherds are intelligent dogs who excel in obedience training ; consistency key! Positive reinforcement techniques work wonders on this breed because they aim to please you above anything else. While housebreaking might take longer than expected because they tend towards stubbornness – patience required-. This breeds’ ability trainability makes it useful for advanced tasks beyond simple obedience training; agility & search-and-rescue applications make up just two examples among many ways people have utilized these skills!

Compatibility with Children/Pets:

Belgian Shepherds thrive in households where there are already pets present since early life but introduce new pets slowly under supervision. Proper socialization with children is essential; They can be good dogs for families who spend much time outdoors since kids usually enjoy playing active games together like Frisbee, Tag and soccer . However, younger children might not fully understand the importance of respecting personal space of any animal , so we always recommend supervising interactions between young kids & animals .

Personality Quirks

Belgian Shepherds have quirky personalities that are unique to them. For example, they may bark excessively when left alone without their owners’ presence which could indicate separation anxiety , or put items in their mouth on walks such as sticks- so owners should keep an eye on them! Some Belgian Shepherd Tervurens may also become overprotective of their toys or food if given inadequate guidance from an early age.

Famous Examples

While perhaps not as widely-known in popular culture compared to some other breeds , the Belgian Tervuren has gained attention through its use in several notable movies and TV shows ranging from “Max” (2002), a heartwarming tale about a K-9 unit dog played by Malinois breed which is very similar to the Tervuren; also used frequently by law enforcement -like Max-, TheTervurens’ exceptional intelligence makes them indispensable search-and-rescue partners where precision required.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a highly intelligent, elegant companion who needs plenty of exercise then look no further than the Belgian Shepherd Tervuren. While this breed does require ongoing grooming care and training efforts ;you’ll find these tasks will be more than repaid by your furry friend’s loyalty and affectionate demeanor !

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