Beagle Harrier

Beagle Harrier: A Friendly and Energetic Breed

The Beagle Harrier is a rare breed that was developed in France during the 19th century. This medium-sized dog is a cross between the Beagle and the Harrier, two breeds known for their hunting abilities. The Beagle Harrier was originally bred to hunt hare and other small game, but today they make great family pets due to their friendly personality and high energy.

Physical Appearance:
The Beagle Harrier is medium in size, typically weighing between 45-65 pounds. They are muscular dogs with short legs, floppy ears, and long tails. Their coat can be smooth or slightly rough with colors including black, tan, red, blue tri-color or brown with white markings on chest.
They have expressive eyes which are usually large and hazel-brown in color.

This breed has been described as happy-go-lucky dogs who love nothing more than being around people. They are loyal to their owners making them excellent family pets especially if you have children at home; however socialization early on of this breed is very important.. While they may not be natural protectors or guard dogs because of their friendly nature ,they will let out a bark to alert you if something unusual happens..
Because of its hunting background it’s also recommended that pet owners give them plenty of exercise since once outside sometimes the prey drive kicks-in

Health Problems:
Beagles can develop health conditions such as hip dysplasia an abnormal formation of hip socket.. Also obesity might come into play when excessive food intake combined with lack regular exercise becomes quite common.. Lifespan expectancy ranges from 12 -15 years old.
Recommended screening tests include Hip evaluation by OVC or PennHIP vets; Eye examination by Board certified ophthalmologist

Like any other high-energy working dog breeds,the Beagle-Harriers require lots physical activity daily Walks, runs and regular exercise will keep them happy and satisfied. Owners should ensure the activities are secure since sometimes they might run in chase anything that catches their eye.

Special Grooming Needs:
This breed has minimal grooming requirements due to short coat length.. brushing twice per week can be adequate with occasional bathing . Ear cleaning is recommended because of their floppy ears which could become a breeding ground for infection..trimming claws every few weeks as required too

Basic training should start early preferably puppyhood. They respond well to positive reinforcement techniques especially treats,pats or praise from owners . When it comes to household housetraining ,positive reinforcement still works best !

Compatibility with Children/Pets:

Beagle Harriers tend get along very well around children. Kids also find this active breeds great fun. So long the interaction is supervised! While introducing Beagle-Harrier puppies into homes other than theirs special care must be taken by owners so animals at home don’t see them as an enemy who has come take over ;Also dogs usually small enough not want mess with larger more territorial pets!

Personality Quirks:

Their hunting heritage shows up when playing outside ,maybe seen sniffing around like a detective; if left alone for hours (since they’re social creatures) excessively howling may happen

Famous Examples:
Unfortunately,there isn’t any famous Beagle Harrier pet mentioned in tv shows or movies but nevertheless this rare breed earns respect among those fortunate enough have interacted with one; French people do appreciate having these bred working alongside hunters when going after rabbits

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