The Barbet: A Friendly and Loyal Water Dog


The Barbet breed is a relatively rare French water dog that originated in the southern region of France. The breed was used primarily for hunting, working as retrievers or flushing out birds from marshlands and swamps. The word ‘Barbet’ means “bearded” in French, referring to the dog’s long beard-like hair around its face. These dogs have been around since at least the 16th century but were nearly extinct by the early 1900s until breeding programs helped bring them back.

Physical Appearance:

The Barbet is a medium-sized dog with a muscular build, weighing between 30-60 pounds and standing roughly 19 inches tall at the shoulder. Its coat can be curly or wavy, made up of woolly-textured hair which comes in black, brown, white or fawn colors. These coats don’t shed much but require regular grooming to prevent matting.


Friendly and loyal personalities are what people commonly associate with Barbets; however they can also be independent thinkers who require consistent training from their owners. They love playing outdoors and make great family pets due to their affectionate nature towards children when properly socialized.

Health Problems:

Overall, the Barbet is considered a healthy breed with few known health issues besides hip dysplasia, ear infections or skin irritations that need medical attention if present.

Exercise Needs:

As an active sporting dog breeds, these pups will need plenty of exercise each day ranging from moderate walks to rigorous play sessions depending on age (puppy vs adult), size (large vs small) and energy levels (high vs low).

Grooming Requirements:

Regular grooming needs include brushing once weekly minimum along with frequent baths where needed for removing mud/dirt after outdoor activities . Clipping fur every couple months may also help keep them comfortable during warmer seasons given their thick wooly coats.


Consistent and positive training methods with plenty of praise can help socialize Barbet puppies to people, pets, new environments from a young age. They are intelligent dogs that love pleasing owners so will learn quickly with patience while following basic obedience commands or advanced agility training techniques at varying levels over time.

Compatibility with Children/Pets:

The Barbet is known for being highly affectionate towards children when raised in a loving family environment. These pups may also get along well with other household pets such as cats or smaller dogs if introduced properly early on through supervised meetings and playing sessions to avoid any behavioral issues down the road.

Personality Quirks:

Barbets are incredibly friendly but also independent thinkers who require consistent guidance from owners. Their playful nature means they may have a tendency to mouth objects as puppies but can be corrected through gentle training methods that teach them what’s appropriate vs unacceptable behavior inside/outside of the home.

Famous Examples:

While Barbets aren’t commonly seen on-screen compared to other breeds , they make great companion animals and working dogs due to their loyalty, intelligence and all-around friendly personality traits seen throughout history where they continue evolving into cherished members among families around the world today.

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