Afghan Hound

The Afghan Hound: History, Appearance, Temperament and More

The Afghan Hound is a highly unique breed known for its silky coat and elegant appearance. Originating from Afghanistan centuries ago, it was bred by nomadic tribes to hunt prey in the rugged terrain of Central Asia.


Afghan hounds have long-haired coats which may be colored black, fawn or cream with possible markings on their feet. Their height ranges from 25-29 inches (63-74 cm), weight between 50-60 pounds (23-27 kg) for females and males are slightly larger. They have dark eyes that gleam intelligence & alertness coupled with long ears give them a regal look.


In terms of temperament, Afghan Hounds are known to be independent creatures who can sometimes come across as aloof and distant. Despite this however they remain friendly to those they trust. This breed requires positive reinforcement training techniques that establish authority early on in life.

Health Problems:

Like any other breeds there will always exist health problems common to that particular type – medical conditions include but not limited to allergies/dermatitis(dry skin), cataracts(eye issues), hip dysplasia(joint problem). Generally speaking though these dogs experience good health provided they receive proper care throughout their lifetime.


It’s important for Afghan hounds get frequent exercise including walks and playtime outside at least once daily since they’re so high energy! Notably more than couch potatoes!

Special Grooming Needs:

A hallmark characteristic of the breed is their beautiful fur which also unfortunately comes with special grooming needs too!. The silky coat should be brushed frequently yet very gently each week using specialized tools such as slicker brushes until matting has been kept under control; trimming nails regularly might help keep it healthy too due to fact that these animals often walk barefoot over rough surfaces like concrete sidewalks etcetera.


Afghan hounds require training that is not only rigorous and physically challenging but also mentally stimulating. This process should start when the dog is still young. Socialization & establishing a routine early on will prove useful in raising a well-rounded, balanced dog.

Compatibility with children/pets:

Being so independent by nature sometimes Afghan hounds don’t like being around other dogs or pets unless they’ve been socialized regularly since puppyhood. These breed loves people especially kids provided proper boundaries are set as to what interactions are acceptable etc.

Personality quirks:

The beautiful coat of an Afghan can be something of double edged sword – providing owners years of grooming fun while also often meaning managing excessive shedding! Additionally, their stand-offish attitude towards others may manifest itself through odd behavior at times such as growling if another animal approaches too quickly.

Famous examples:

One famous example of this breed is “Ziggy Stardust” who was owned by British rock icon David Bowie throughout his career; another notable hound belongs to the royal family – Princess Anne owns several!

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