The Best Tips To Successful Dog Breeding

Dog BreedingFor many dog breeding is an enjoyable hobby where they are able to spend time breeding their favourite type of dogs. In order to become a successful dog breeder, that could earn a substantial income from the activity, there are various points which must be taken into consideration such as: nutrition, medical aspects, dog supplies and various other relevant factors.

The majority of beginners may find this somewhat overwhelming; however, this article will provide you with various tips on how to navigate dog breeding easily and effectively. (more…)

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3 Dog Food Ingredients You Should Avoid

TemptationToday we are more conscious of what we put into your bodies and for the health and well being of your dogs you should consider what they are eating as well. There are many dog foods that are labelled premium or healthy which actually include ingredients that you want to avoid.

There are many ingredients in dog food that you want to avoid, but there are 3 that you can easily determine.

Corn or Corn Meal

Corn is an ingredient that is found in a lot of dog foods because the manufacturers of these foods have discovered just how much our pets enjoy the sweet taste of this crop.

The problem with this ingredient is that dogs cannot actually survive on a diet made primarily from corn as they are natural carnivores. Many dog food brands justify the use of corn as an alternative source of protein for pets, but the corn protein that your dog is getting actually needs to be balanced with animal proteins.


Another problem with corn in dog food is the quality of the corn that food manufacturers are using. Low quality corn meal can contain toxins which cause damage to the liver and kidneys of your pet.


Soy is often included in dog food as an cheaper substitute for meat protein, but carnivores were never meant to eat this. Not only are dogs not meant to eat this ingredient the quality may also be in question. Around 89% of soy products used in dog food is GMO which could affect your pet’s health.

ancestral-diet-comparedAnimal Fats

As dogs are carnivores most pet owners will think that animal fats in dog food would be good. However, this is not actually the case because you might not know where the animal fats are coming from.

In some cases the animal fats in your dog’s food might come from 4-D class meat sources which are meats which have not been approved for human consumption. This could be due to the meat being labelled as dead, dying, diseased or disabled.

There are a lot of different ingredients that you will want to avoid when you look at dog food.

3 of these ingredients are corn, soy and animal fats. Corn and soy should be avoided as they are not part of a dog’s natural diet. Animal fats which have not been named should be avoided as the might come from 4-D class meats.

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